What Is Beauty?

There is beauty all around us. When you wake up in the morning you can already perceive the beauty before you even open your eyes. You may wake up to birds singing or the sunlight streaming into your bedroom. Be grateful for all of the beauty of God’s creations which you can see everywhere you look. You also have your own beauty because you and I are made in the image of God. You are not some kind of strange magnificent accident of nature and evolution. You are unique and there is not anyone, anywhere exactly like you. Your beauty lies not only on what you can see with human eyes but there is so much more to you than what meets the eye. You and you alone have your special gifts and talents.  There may be others with similar gifts and talents but they are but exactly the same as yours. Most people when they think of beauty they are only focusing on what the majority of other human beings have been taught is beauty.

Some of us are blinded by the cares of this world and don’t see or perceive the beauty everywhere.  Look up to the heavens and you will see some of the awesome universe with all of its splendor and magnificent colors. The earth is full of the wonders of creation. The mountains are so majestic looking and regal. The oceans with all of the beautiful different species of fish and all kinds of other lovely living creatures are also full of beauty. What astounding beauty we have everywhere.

In some many of the western countries the only beauty that people seem to be concerned about is the outer beauty…the flesh. So many people are afraid of getting old or appearing old that they spend too much time trying to look good. So many celebrities and even people who cannot afford plastic surgeries are having these procedures done every day. It is a big business for cosmetic surgeons. Some of these individuals end up looking strange and far from beautiful or young looking. Many of them regret having had the surgeries and try reversing them. Sometimes they cannot be undone. You may know some of these people or have met them somewhere. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanted to look good but aren’t you more than just your shell? Don’t judge yourself or anyone else by the standards of the world and its deceptions. Anyway there are many ways to enhance your natural beauty, you just need to know what your beauty is; and don’t say you don’t have any because everyone does.

Haven’t you ever seen a beautiful elderly person? Their beauty comes from deep inside of them. They are adorned with the beauty of strength of character, wisdom, knowledge and so many life experiences. If you want to be beautiful you should try looking for the beauty you already have…and you do…you just need to find it.

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